Thursday, 10 February 2011

'I shall not raise my slippers to the ceiling...'

GOSH. Last night's play was FANTASTIC!!! xD The acting was a little bit awful *only some, others were actually really very good*
The innuendo was delicious and the not so subtle chasing with a dildo was pretty fabulous too xD
It was good to finally see a piece of theatre for a laugh without having to worry about analysing the heart out of it.
The train journey was pretty fun too :P I love our lil Latin crew...I'm gonna miss this.

Gosh, I was goin got write more but then i got side-tracked and now i have to go and eat dinner...

toodle-pip and what not

Peace and love

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  1. Oh, to see a play without analysing it, how I miss that. Even the last play I saw without it being a theatre trip, 'Six Degrees of Separation', of course turned out to be far more significant in my life than I may at first thought.

    Funny how things like that happen.

    Anyway, the play sounds like fun, although I'm confused by your chase description... context would be nice? :P