Monday, 24 January 2011

when's the 31st january?

...i swear to some kind of higher power that if someone says 'the 31st of january'
...i will do something unpleasant...

gosh, i swore a lot today :/ i never usually do...what can i say? card games bring out the worst in me :P

went to fei-fei's today :D had such an awesome time!!! :) gosh, my nails look insane!! :P and she did my hair all lovely like :)

my mouth's dry. i've been doing those blowing exercises...trying to do different pitches...i was doing it at george in english today...mwa ha ha.

should go to bed really...i'm quite tired.




hang on, so it's 24th 31st one week away?? :s hmmmm.gosh. i'm awfully impatient.
almost wrote impotent. hmmm
freudian slip, much? ^^

aha, martin had a great day today JAAAAAAA

should go to bed

these posts have been awful lately. i promise i'll write properly soon!!

Peace and love

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