Monday, 17 January 2011

Hang on one cotton-picking minute...

I swear i wrote on here yesterday...

gosh. SO pissed off today.

got SOAKED on the way to school- three *fecking three* cars splashed me...the last one was treated to the w**ker sign---> :D mwa ha ha

then had a chemistry exam.

which i think went moderately ok-ish I hate having to wait for the results!! I'm ever so impatient!!
and yes, i'm completely serious about wanting sympathy for being impatient!! gaaaarrrrrgggghh :O

just watched a ridiculously long video on y'tube :P

gosh, jenny and i went to see mr taylor about the latin thing after school today- sounds AWESOME :D really looking forward to it...gotta remember to give my money in though...dang.

physics on wednesday, could be worse...oh wait, no it couldn't. :'(


MEME Monday :P A day for self-betterment...pass it on....

gosh, need to get my painting back tomorrow...DANG. texted michael asked him to cut it down...if he doesn't tomorrow then i will literally jump with scissors...that sounds like a health and safety nightmare....probably because it is :D go me.

listening to the acoustic version of Disappear by Motion City Soundtrack :P larrrv it!

hmmm....might have just won a bid on ebay without telling anyone that i was actually bidding on it...ahem...

gosh, i'm worried now. oops. i- oh gosh. hmmmm

Peace and love


  1. We're going to see some Greek play somewhere in London and GOSH we're going on the tuuuuuuube O.o xxxx