Thursday, 27 January 2011

I miss everything I used to know

And I mourn for what I know I'll lose.

AND BACK TO NORMALITY *Or there abouts anyways...:P*

wellsa, Caucasian Chalk Circle was a lot better than I thought it would be...actually rather amusing...although I swear I was asleep on my feet afterward...
Not quite too tired for cake though aha.

Today was ...fine...

Got a kick out of imagining Tommy and Mrs. Neil-Smith's one on one meeting...oo-er...
were you amazed to see her in something other than her fave pinky-red cardi?
feel bad that Matt and Jenny missed her different jumper today.

Ange has bought himself a pair of DM's :P I swear I've said this before but his main goal in life is to be me. He grows his hair long, works in the same place as me and generally tries everything he can to emulate my excellence.


dinner soon...I'm feck hungry...and a little pissed off that I need to write drama essays later :'(

I'm listening to a lot of bad music :D i've been conditioned from listening to radio one for too long. who cares if it's not completely original or technicallky fantastic. music's about a feeling and i love having something that I can dance *debatable*to :P rant over.

gosh, another rant...

the point of a joke is to make someone laugh...
Racism isn't funny.
How are racist jokes funny?
I see no sense in spreading the word of racism by ever repeating some of the horrible things i've heard. I enjoyed RE up until that point.

rant over.

going for dinner!

Peace and love


  1. Wait, were you working there before he was? Because otherwise aren't you working at the same place as him? Or maybe I'm being pedantic? Your point still stands though.

    And I see your point on the whole racism thing. Rather annoying when having a lesson on Political Correctness and people say really ignorant things. I had that one quite a while ago, now I get fake job interviews with Mrs. Kirby!

    I'm rambling on here. This is far too long a comment. I'll end it now :P


  2. I know! Who the hell was that woman and what has she done with Mrs Neil-Smith!? :D

  3. I applied before Ange and got a call back before him but he started on a tuesday and i started on that saturday. Had i applied for a full time place, i'd have started first....
    i'm just really stubborn xD
    WRL with mrs kirby??! :O we had mrs marchant...who was actually ok...:O it was actually miss lebowitz *who was taking the lesson* that made us write out taboo jokes. there was a point to it but i think that sort of thing just generates hate so i didn't do it.

    gosh, you two are the first to comment on my blog in AGES!! xxxx