Monday, 10 January 2011

I have my leavers hoodie :P

Do you remember me freaking out about 2011 but then resolving that none of the things i was worrying about would be that bad because after all i was going to get my leavers hoodie?
well, i did :P

It's a medium and it's mahoosive but whatever, it's snuggy and warm and it has 'kt' on the back :P
gotta put it in writing though, massive respect to the parsons!! 118 118 you guys ROCK :D
please grow moustaches when you can, pleeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaase?

oooh, also, social update from now on you must refer to eloise as PC *Psychic Crumpet*
she'll know what you mean.

Gosh, i'm hungry :s so far today i've eaten a short bread biscuit *homemade of course ;)* and a tuna sandwich :D can't wait for dinner...some kind of's gonna be fantastic :P my mom makes great pies....wish i could cook like her, i'm not bad at cooking but i'm hardly great either. I really miss food tech, i don't really get much chance to try out new recipes any more :/ I loved making spring rolls and chicken chow mein...although i think i had to get rob stephens to cut my chicken for made my head go all funny :/ he did it the first time anyway...i might have been ok after that...can't remember...

gosh, in drama miss lebowitz told harvey to give his character a fidget-thing, you know? something that he always does??
like, eloise clicks her pen on her forehead on class...

so today, i asked him, 'so, harvey, have you given much thought to your...thing?'
i didn't intend for it to sounds like that but then he shot me his pointed *oh really?!?* look...that was funny.

ROLL ON KANDINSKY...with less enthusiasm than previously employed...side one WILL be completed today and side two SHALL be started....

ooh, this is the phone i'm planning on getting some point...maybe this weekend??

I woke up with that dreadful feeling of 'oh god, what a shite day and so much rubbish to get through'
actually ended up having a pretty good day :P

Peace and love


  1. Will the phone be pink like in all of the pictures?

    In case you haven't checked your emails, I found a dog painting. Good luck with the Kandinsky - if the worst comes, you could use an image for the other side, although that might be a bit telling :P

  2. no. i want to get a black one...and buy a purple silicone case for it :P i liek purple. awesome about the dog btw, is it a pug? dw if it's not...hardly needs to be :P i'm sure i can get it done!!! and it will be spectacular-ish. xxx