Friday, 28 January 2011

Gosh wow

I just listened to all of Adele's live lounge special. Most amazing thing I've ever heard.
If you never listen to another of my recommendations, please watch it

Drama was pretty good today :P had fun doing dramatic things. arrrrrrrgh

got very happy today...friday feeling :P sang cheesey stuff in gospel...

my feet are still numb.

I know I promised a decent post but i'm not quite with it :s right properly when i get myself together.

I polished my boots :D actually...I started polishing them and i should go finish them...I put all the polish on and then i left it soak it, now i ought to go and buff it out and make them al shiney :D I've been meaning to polish them since last year!! glad i've finally got around to it. mmmm, dinner smells good :P

Peace and love

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