Sunday, 30 January 2011

I had a nosebleed this morning...

at 5.51am.
i didn't feel faint this time though...well only a lil but i thought about other things instead.
It's the second one in the space of about a month :s i told mom i was a lil worried because i never used to get them...she told me that i really wasn't bleeding enough to be worried about it...:P
then i went to sleep.
then i got up about 9.40.
Had a bath.
Ate a cheese scone *covered in peanut butter xD*
did my hair, got dressed, hair etc.

we watched toy story on VHS, are we not too cool?! xD then we made omelettes :) then we watched calvin harris storm x factor...with a pineapple...ahem...
then monster house.

...and then Orphan.

oh dear lordi....

Ok, I admitt, it FREAKED ME THE HELL OUT. there were some majorly MESSED up events, and that's not exaggerating..
BUT it's not the best horrow movie ever. and there were some seriously implausible parts of the plot. having said that, it was a movie, it's not supposed to represent reality, it's all about the what if. so, if you allow yourself to just believe the story and not question it too much it's enjoyable.

i say 'enjoyable' i was almost crying it so bad.

i mean, jessica's flowers!!! jamie, wasn't that horrible??? :O
anyways, i had such an awesome day :) xxxx

I'm going for dinner

Peace and love

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  1. I don't know, in a way I did feel pretty sorry for Esther, considering her past and mental condition.

    Then again, what she did with the flowers is pretty unforgivable.

    Anyway, glad that you had a good day.