Tuesday, 18 January 2011


Yayzors!! :P Finally found out how I've done on my B1a retake!! Last time around I got B with a 38...this time I got 48 and A* :D I don't ever want to retake ever again!!! gosh, famous last words :/ got P2 tomorrow. FECK.
I really feel for everyone that's doing P2 and P3 tomorrow :( poor eloise almost had a break down...although, i don't think me making her jump in math helped....much :P It was sooooooo feckign funny though xD she was all concentrating-like and i sidled near her ear and went 'chaaaa' in as deep a voice as i can do...it was HILARIOUS.

lesson well spent.

actually, Eloise helped me loads in math, we were going over the mock papers and she showed me how to do some things...she's a way better teacher than mrs. ewins.

ha, wowzars, just watching the video for One Way by Levellers ...xD

Peace and love

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  1. The worrying thing is I can imagine you saying 'chaa' in the exact pitch and voice that you probably did actually do...

    Good luck on your physics test, and to everyone doing physics tomorrow. I won't rub in the fact that I don't have it, because I have it in June anyway, and I'm not looking forward to it when it comes around...