Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Guess who finally got her bank card??


And I just made my first purchase with it.
Gosh, whenever I asked Ange to but things for me with his card he made SUCH a sng and dance about it. It's honestly the easiest thing EVER to do!! :P

Eloise drew a snail smoking a cigar. was supposed to be holding a telescope...

So anyways, today was moderatly uneventful.

I hate John Rutter.

I'm going to see a play that I don't really know anything about...

just looked it up, not sure if i'll actually like it :s

ah wells.

we're coming back at 11...

urgh...i feel like crap...

i hate being a teenager.

most likely, there is nothing happening on the 31st.

Peace and love

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