Thursday, 6 January 2011

Recaps on yesterday

So, having had such an eventful day, yesterday's post was a bit of a let down, wasn't it? :/
anyways, i jus wanted to say the rehearsal after school yesterday felt great and mrs. punter is so awesome, it's so fantastic to finally have some proper feedback rather than last year's
'yup, yup, that's great. yeah, but have you thought about putting in a song? just improv it. actually no, just watch me play piano and listen as i sing in austrian'


what. a. twat.

today, today today...what did i even do today?? i have no idea.
ooh, i made a multicoloured name badge for myself and considerately spelt my name in the ordinary *socially acceptable* way so as the auditionee teacher could read it clearly :D BING, ain't i wonderful??

my dad is so ridiculous. not in a mean way, it's just that he genuinely thinks i could be anything which although i guess is quite flattering, can also be annoying. when we watched the apprentice he kept telling me i could be a top business woman *i know NOTHING about business, what business does he think i'd be in charge of anyway?!?!?* when i jig about the house like a numpty he thinks i could be a dance....-_-' and now that i'm painting for drama he reckons i'm going to be an artist.


i don't even know....

i just watched that on y'tube :D i love lev, he's brilliant, isn't he?

Peace and love

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  1. Your Home-Cook impression made me laugh so much. Especially when imagining it being said in that Boris Johnson voice of his...