Monday, 1 March 2010 wanna wear my kiss...


I was craving everything that I could possibly think of that was really calorific last night, chocolate, peanuts, peanut butter on toast, cheese on toast, cheese with crackers, cheese and salad sandwich, chocolate spread sandwhich, chocolate, BISCUITS, beans. EVERYTHING.
I had nothing after dinner again though snacking was all i could think of!!
Double PE this afternoon so i'm skipping my work out. we did the Pump It Up DVD workout *with the dancers from the "call on me" vid by eric prydz* it was funny but kinda intense too....WISH I'd have brought shorts instead of joggers; i got so hot :( Then I rowed 2000m *my fecking hands are fecking killing me; i've got blisters and they sting like hell-if hell does indeed sting...i'll let you know if i ever take a day trip there-and I improved my time by 16 seconds *woop woop!!* but ELOISE is blooming brilliant, she did 5000m. hats off. Eloise ROCKS!!!
and then we played badmington *hazaaaaaaaar* I used to play with my folks and Ange when I was quite a bit younger.
Our old house had a massive garden so it was great in the Summer....this house's garden is ridiculous...however, dad talks non stop about living eleswhere so I may not have to live here all that much long...but then again, my folks are great procrastinators so who know?!

ergle...I was feeling all good 'n' stuff on friday about losing weight but now i'm fecking stuck!!! I've been 8st 10lb for the past three days or summat :( and i've been exercising and eating healthily...when you can't see the weight actually falling it's a little disheartening :S ah wells. it'll come down.

Martin made pizza and it actually looks pretty good :D *yay*
Will walked down with Martin and I from school today and we saw a wedding car; cans 'n' all.
What a lovely day to be wed!! It's all sunny and not too cold and the first of a brand new month. great time to start something new methinks :D
>:{ *teehee angry mastacheode man!!xD*

cheerio there darling! *i love cheerios :D*

Peace and love i really really like you, you know? don't but i wish you did. well...i don't you don't :S


  1. 5000 metres in 2 minutes? That's 2.5 km/minute, amazingly good. I did alright, I overtook Lancaster and Stuart, but only because Daniel had got really close to them before me. And Tommy almost kicked Richard in the face. That was funny.

  2. He nearly kicked me in the face?!? He must've done; I would have remembered it!

    I love rowing, but this bloody thing with asthma can really piss me off, I really wanted to finish 2 minutes. And I don't actually know anyone else with asthma, or I've forgotten because my extremely short-term memory sucks balls.


  3. i think that you must have a lot of spare time :D
    no, MG, this rowing that i'm talking about was in PE the day before the competition :) in the competetition thingy i did 1 minute then another 2 minutes :D me likey like the rowing much so.