Friday, 19 March 2010

would you give it all up?

This is Roger. He is not amused.
i can't remember what that's from :S
help me.
Peace and love

it was a trick and the clock struck twelve.
i had a wonderful revelation today. and never have i felt more at peace. i so want this feeling to last forever and a day. Once i've grown my wings; i won't be able to come back but we'll all fly together some day. i promise.
watch the sky, the stars are falling. down down down. again.
step a little closer before you walk away. press you lips to mine though i know that you can't stay. flash me that smile and a twinkle of your eyes. I'll watch the heavens at night to see that same twinkle in the skies.
i'll start something new, i'll change the long as you're there to hold my hand whilst i give it a go.


  1. Is all of the last bit random song snippets? Because the only one I recognise is Paramore.

  2. the first line's paramore...the rest is just random junk :S