Wednesday, 10 March 2010


Every time I mess it up, there's another chance to start afresh.

I just made a crown and a sash from ivy :) My daddy cut it from the garden for me and then I sat on the kitchen floor with the big ol' , ancient, good-for-everything scissors and the gardening twiney stuff and began to create my masterpieces :D
i'm all done now :D

I like mr. freyne. he's actually really nice...though i did miss mr. thompson :S

SUUUUUMMMMMMMMMER gavededed me a lovely waiste coat today and i shall be wearing it on friday *hazaaaaaar* ...along with my ivey crown. i shall look so hot. well...not so much hot as SILLY. but who cay-ers??! xD I actually like my crown so much that I may just keep it as an accessory for town until it dies xD

ergle. I have much homework for the later on...i should really do it....

My new word is "Zwasch"
say it with a slightly camp german accent. I means dapper and smart; suave...but zwasch. xD
When I make stupid noises without realising please tell me to stop instead of waiting for me to realise that you're watching and laughing. CAROLINE. ELOISE. grrrrr. :) love you really xxxx

I'm off for dinner, toodledoodle 'n' all that jazz

Peace and Love


  1. A crown of ivy, you say? That reminds me of the times when I wore a crown of thorns and, much later, one of holly. The thorns made me bleed alot, and the thorns just felt funny.

    I also note that this has been the first comment on Tea and Toast for a while.

  2. Silly me, I said thorns twice. The second time was holly.

  3. makes you sound like jesus...
    are you the second coming of the Christian messiah? XD

  4. How did you guess? No matter, I have other stuff to do, such as post propaganda on Dementia.