Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Random Ramblings

I've finished unit one of my IT work so I'm allowed to do whatever I please *mwahahaha*

My head really hurts :o I keep getting headaches so I'm going to go visit my GP this's most probably nothing at all but I'd just like to be certain. It's likely that I'm just more conscious of it because I hit my head on Friday...

I dunno really.

Began my coursework yesterday *for engleeeeeeeeeeeeeesh* We're writing about that way in which Shakespeare makes strong female characters. I'm finding it hard so I'm proud that I've made a good start. We have a thousand word limit *approximately* and I've already written 509 so I'm just hoping that I'll be able to fit in around about everything I want to include.

I found out that I am indeed going to be able to go on the Macbeth trip *yay* it's in over a month so it's something to look forward to *yayay* XD

It's toasty today :D I think it's around 15 degrees Celcius or summat


whoaoh oh i've got a ROCKET. whoa oh oh; you're going on it :)


I have a vocabulary test this thursday *tomorrow*

HUMP DAY!!! (halfway through the working week....why does no one know that???)

Peace and love

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