Friday, 12 March 2010


I was indeed be-ivied,clad in green upon my body and brushed along my face.
still am actually, i'm keeping it on for my youth group tonight.

I french manicured my nails last night but the top coat wasn't completely dry when I went to bed so it's a little puckered but i think it still looks alright...and I can't be bothered to repaint it now!!!!! >:{ angry moustacheode man xD

I had an inkling that today might be interesting. Yes, there was a great deal of interest indeed. Thing is, I can't stop myself from shaking and my breathing goes all funny when I think about a good way...? I'm not sure how i feel about it. It was as though I'd been slapped, not in a horrible sense; it's just that I was shocked to say the least and not certain at all as to how I meant to react. Rachel's expression when I told her pretty much mirrored my psyche's expresssssssionnnnnnn.
I have six plaits in my hair right now, I shall let down two in about forty or so minutes, the other four shall stay in for a week or so.
Can't wait for Summer's birthday tomorrow...well party...her birthday was Monday...anyways; it'll be amazing.

"The history books forgot about us and the bible didn't mention us...not even once."

Café 7...great. Nah, should still be a laugh. Balcony 2, please, please, please??! I love for it to be open again. It's so peaceful and beautiful in a silent auditorium.
wap wa ooooooooh
'n' i don't have toooooooo much h/w this weekend.
omgosh, jamie, you rock my world with your drama skillage :DD

gotta get going
Peace and Love 'n' all that jazz

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