Sunday, 14 March 2010

OW that was my HEAD!!!

So, I ever so gracefeully * you know me* slipped, tripped and plummetted head first into this METAL THING folded up in the games hall in our youth group when playing Budge. good times but my head is really quite painful. :( not very zwasch.

GOOD TIMES began rolling at about a quarter to one yesterday and from then onwards this weekend has ROCKED!!! Summer, your party will be legend for eons to come!

my hair still smells like smoke. I want a bath. :'(
parts of my hair are still sort of green too.

don't try roasting gummy bears; they burn like...i don't know what but they bubble and all that jazz like crazy.

an intriguing revelation has struck me. oh yes, very intriguing indeed.

ARGH I hate gossip :(...'tis the bane of my existence
MY HEAD!!!!!

Robert and William are both reallt funny -____-'

I'm off for ma deeeeeeeeeeeeeenaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar now:)
Peace and love
p.s Marshmalllllllow on my jeans :o

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