Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Saturday was my best birthday yet and one of the best of my life...

I met a very cute boy named Greg and we held hands and hugged and I was going to ask for his number but then he started smoking *gross* and totally went and ruined everything :S
I had such a laugh that day, it was epic. I got some really lovely presents, i think that the funniest was a self help book called "life support" by Derek Draper. It's actually a very good, calming book, it's just a peculiar gift from your folks. i got so much chocolate that I shall do naught but tilt around (much like a weeble *weebles wobble but they don't fall down*) come christmas. There are...93 days left in this year...can anyone remember what their resolutions were last new year? Mine were to complain less and do things when I planned to. I reckon i've done fairly well. asides from a few points of pessimism my optimism hath shined forth; a beacon of hope and good fortune through the dull, grey-cloud-clad sky.
if you're in need of something to read, i've by chance stumbled upon a very lovely little story on
mundooteh.blogspot.com I do give great recommendation indeed for such a site. If you check it out, I shall love you forever. If not, then I'll only love you a little while.

Did you hear about the poor girl who died after receiving the HPV jab? Naturally, all of the girls who planned on getting it come october 16th are now pretty nervous. I'm one of these girls. However, if i don't die from it now then I could still just as easily die from cervical cancer later since there's a history of it in my family. And, with any kind of vaccination type thingy, there will always be some people who have adverse reactions. This is one girl out of...30000000? Right now, I just hope that that girl's family will be ok. if they have a god then i hope he helps them through this awful time.

I'm so knackered. I had an odd dream in which I was crawling through some kind of labrynth in school to get into the common room. looked nothing like the school i know but in my dream it all felt so familiar. anyways, i'm soooo tired but i have to write a history essay.

Oh joy. Oh rapture.

Peace and love

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