Thursday, 24 September 2009

Pleasantville, Dinsaur Hugs,The Used and getting really rather startled at lunchtime

..gosh it has been a long time, hasn't it??


The other night, I watched a film with my family called Pleasantville. It was made in 1998 so I'm surprised I'd never seen it before. It starred Reese Witherspoon and Toby Maguire *as seen in Legally Blonde and Spiderman; respectively* They played a brother and sister who argue over the television channel and end up breaking the remote *oops* they're given a replacement remote with magic powers *oooooooooh*. When they press the red button on the remote they are transported into a 50's drama series called Pleasantville. In Pleasantville they take on the roles of Mary-Sue and Budd. Pleasantville is very...pleasant. Nothing ever goes wrong, nothing can burn, the books are blank, nothing exists outside of pleasantville. They don't live in colour and they've never heard of sex. When Mary-Sue starts dating the captain of the basketball team, she decides to have sex with him and this corrupts the innocence of their quaint little town. Colour begins to spread *ERLACH!* anyways, things go wrong but are eventually made right again. It has a crap start but stick with it because it really is a laugh.

OMGosh, I went to my first ever gig last night!!! Elin and I went to the Electric Ballroom in Camden Town, London and we saw The Used. I'm not uber into them but it was so much fun!! There were two support groups, The Hexes and We Are The Ocean. The second support group were great but the first were...loud...and...shouty.
The underground was horrid. 'twas my first time. It was really hot and stuffy and eerily lit *if you've seen Creep, you'd be wary of trains too* and noisey and rattling around!!! I almost fell over :(

"Hey, you know how dinosaurs were so angry?"
"...uh, yeah, i guess..."
"Well, I just realised why..."
"Oh yeah?"
"Their arms were too short to hug each other"


Elin had to go and tell me that in science and make me laugh out loud. HA. i literally lol-ed!!

Lunchtime was odd, ben and richard were bugging me by clapping in my face and then they started following me, clapping behind me and then EVERYONE save no one began clapping too. I was so embarrassed and shocked and I startled *love that word right now*
ooooh, eloise and fei-fei gave me b'day prezzie's for saturday and i haven't opened them yet but THANK YOU!!
oooooooh and rachel finally fulfilled a promise she made to me FOUR YEARS ago!!! she played violin for me :) she played Happy Birthday :) what an awesome present.

Elin wasn't in today but it's not so much of a surprise, we got back late last night and she texted to say that she couldn't get to sleep :S still worth it though.

Don't stop dreaming. Dreams can still come true. Never stop believing.

*sigh* that felt sooooo good to write!! I hate not writing here :(

oooh, aerobics and animal making in drama was a laugh :)

woop woop The Wizard of Oz tonight at Hattie's!! Gotta love the classics :D

Peace and love


  1. One problem: I wasn't actually clapping to start with. I joined in (very confused) after all the year 7's (or whatever year they were) as far as I can remember.

    Which is, to say, about 10 minutes into the past.

  2. ...oh...i thought that it was you two guys who started it...i'm confused...:S
    ah wells...see you!!

  3. God bless on your BIRTHDAY O favoured one. Have lots and lots of fun. You deserve it!