Friday, 4 September 2009

Drama and all that is holy

Harvey stopped me from going mad in drama...I get so anxious about the tiniest things and I was so worried about doing a little sketch in drama 5th period that i actually felt quite sick
anyway, it was actually a laugh! :)
i don't know what to say about triple science...I want to cry, i'm never going to keep up with it all. and two people are going to be moved down from top set science so i'm terrified.
Amber's joined our school, she seems sweet:

You can tell that I've got crud on my mind, can't you, eh?? this whole post isn't exactly flowing is it?
urgh, i'm dizzy.

Why do you care about any of this? what the heck makes this matter to you? you said it yourself that you weren't feeling it?
oh ffs just shut up will you?

...i need sleep...and a hug...i'm fecking hormonal. that's all it's gotta be, right? well, it's not like it can be much else...tummy-bug at most. your immune system's fine, fairly resilient actually so it's not like you've gone and got the swine flu from being coughed on...though that was vulgar, why is it that no one covers their mouths properly any more...vile. and what about manners...i know i'm not the best for swearing but some people drive me crazy with all their casual swearing, it's horrid. ah well. one girl can't change the world...she can't even change herself...what a joke. tragic. oh yeah, tragedy, where should i start with that? do i need to include examples or what? or what? i hate that phrase...then why did you right it? shut up. you silly old cow.
3 weeks and 1 day til my birthday though i won't get what i really want...maybe that's because i haven't asked but if i did i'd get laughed at most likely...what a pity and all that which sucks and blows.
i want rob and will to dress as the 118 118 blokes...that's what i want for my birthday. but they'll never do it so i'll never ask. oh SHUT UP. just stop talking already, don't you say enough crap?


  1. everything alright? ok, stupid question. wassup, dawg? if anythings wrong, please tell your old pal tommy! he worries, does he. seriously, i hope everything alright! you sound deeply troubled.

    i can't even crack a humerous joke about how your arguing with yourself now and i'm not. hang in there, kayte! you've faced worse trials than this, i'm sure! :)

  2. Just the other day I thought about Robert and William dressing as the 118 twins. I might be able to force them to do it, but it might mean the death of the Sane Richard (that's right, I haven't cracked yet)