Saturday, 5 September 2009

back to life, back to some kind of reality...

Hallooooooooooooooooo there!!
ooooooooooh ja ja baby!
I did my science Homework on the day of yester and began some of the drama work...still haven't got a clue whether or not i'll pull it off with elin, we're not sure of what to do with our sketch :S
as always, ignore half of everything i say, so discard my previous post and take my word and believe when i say i'm doing mighty fine...well, alright i guess. things could be better bu then again, they could also be worse so i'm not complaining. well, i kind of was...but not really...
i just wish i understood is all. i'll tell you all someday...maybe once i'm more mature...


still wish that rob and will would do the 118 118 thingy for my birthday but i don't even know whether they'll be coming to town with me on that saturday so...hmmm. :(

ah well. not gonna think about it.
i'm a woman, it's my job to deal with it.
chin up duckie 'n' all that jazz.

why were you busy?? i really wanted to talk and you weren't there. dang my timing sucks.

Peace and love


  1. a hug? awwwwwwwww, ok! i'll give you a time i see you. any particular reason why you want a hug or are you just feeling in a hugging mood? :)

  2. aw, thank you tommy. i shall keep you to your word and shall be cashing in my hug soooooooon :)

    i just had a kinda cruddy day...same last night actually but feeling better now...i think :S