Sunday, 13 September 2009


I had a really rather frightful dream last night...all the world's adults were out to claim revenge upon us young ones.

oh lawdy.

someone put flaming meatballs on my duvet so i had to cut them off with a knife and then jump out of bed before the sauce caught fire. I made it just in time.
Then I needed to get out of the house, I desperately had to get out so I put a jumper over my nightdress, packed a bag and put on the first pair of shoes i could red ones.
I wandered around for quite a long time and i think i remember running from some people and I vaguely remember some evil guys and girls on top of a moutain on a tropical island making explosive stuff.
My memory of this dream is pretty patchy but it was just so odd that I had to share it.

The other night, I ended up going on a road trip with someone and their family but then i lost them and ended up in some kind of park but it was covered in ice. everywhere, there was thick, thick ice and the grass was frosted and we took about a million pictures. and their were sculptures everywhere.
I remember something about a helicopter but not much. I remember being told to sit behind some people in the campervan thingy. what on earth could my psyche be telling me??

Peace and love
p.s i've had a bruise on my leg for over 2 months that normal?! it's faded but still...

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