Saturday, 29 October 2011

I feel so crap right now

Well, work was busy and boring and full of ungrateful bastards who think that they can order you around like a slave just because you're an employee. the customer may always be right but would it kill them to say please and thank you?

So afterwork, i was really looking forward to adam coming around and being able to chill out and forget about it all. but he couldn't come over because his mom wants him to do homework.

and i texted my mum to tell her that he couldn't make it but of course she didn't check because she just can't be fecking bothered so when i got in on my own, she presumed something was wrong and wouldn't shut up.

i'm so pissed off, i would say that i can't wait for today to be over but honestly tomorrow won't be any better because i've got ALL of my homework to do.

what the actual fuck is the point?

Peace and love

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  1. Chin up, Kaytei! Remember; only two more days until you get to see *ME* every single day! I know, you're a lucky duck :D