Sunday, 2 October 2011

Had a genuinely brilliant day...

For the first time in a lil while :) Got up around half nine, spent a while listening to radio, chilling as i woke up...washed my hair, finished an english essay *oh YES, i said i'd do it and i did: THAT'S FOLLOWTHROUGH BITCHEZ...and i used a Z because inside, i'm a total effing badass* Nipped into town :) Bought a couple of things in primark...tell you more tomorrow if you ask...don't really wanna spread it into cyberspace but something made me REALLY happy xD

Then i cycled to Tommy's :D Gorgeous weather but it is bloody hot today...i must have looked so attractive when I turned up xD We watched Easy of the films he got me for my birthday and then Submarine which I've been dying to see for about a year-SO GOOD. Just look it up, please, i recommend this so strongly! Then we got ice cream. oh yes, ice cream in October....but this ain't any ordinary October, oh noes, this is something altogether a lil more fabulous *camp* than that.
Then we got back in and watched some big bang theory :) Tommy made me tea and in return, i yoinked his pasta...i'm such a good friend.

Cycling back was lovely, it was a lot cooler...and down hillier xD The sky was all burnished sanguine and looked like the back drop from a mills and boon inspired fantasy...not that i'd know or anything *ahem*...
There was a smell of burnt toast down one street and i had an awesome nostalgia-attack *a term which i now realise doesn't really reflect the nature of the memory...ah wells...* Good times.

So yeah, I'm feeling...fulfilled.
Roll on Monday
Peace and love

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