Wednesday, 19 October 2011

It could be worse...

...You could be a cat with no face....

Check this out?!?

^^SatanSporn's blog :) he's only got one post thusfar *yes i said 'thusfar' WHAT OF IT?!?!?!* but i quite enjoyed Italian verb conjugations anyways...

I was ninjacked today *that's an amalgamation of ninja and hijacked*

that is all.

ZUMBA xD So many guys today....such a laugh :P I don't think they were really expecting to have a proper workout, i reckon they thought that for us girlies, exercise comprises of skipping around, hands held, with flowers in our hair....

sorry, day dream :)

How wrong they were :P

i really ought to get back to Italian...i only came on here to look up how to conjugate 'fare' - 'to do' because it's irregular and pisses me off with it's non-conformity. how dare it be different, how very fecking *deal with the fact i use the word fecking...for feck's sake* dare it?!?! GARGH.

Peace and love