Sunday, 23 October 2011

I need that calming and the comfort :)

So here's the deal:

Friday rocked my world big style, don't think i've felt so many emotions in one day...ever. hmmm.

There ain't nothing like your smile.

laughed more than i ever have.

I'm all yours.

Work was shite. Busiest day :O and i was outside clearing tables all day! my arms ache majorly. BUT awesome news: managed to swappsie my hours with Frankie *too lovely for words* so now I can go to Thorpe Park tomorrow, so happy :D yayze.

Bought a couple of cute tops yesterday in the epicness which is the H&M sale....swear i'm not advertising... and today i got a Topshop scarf reduced from £16 to....


purple words on a grey background.

Also got a cute lil corsetty-type-top alla Ted Baker :D

I have yet to find a better video for this beautiful song....not sure if i've put it up on here before...fell in love with it a couple years ago so chances are i have but give it a listen a anyways :)

ah, adam came round yesterday afterwork :) we finished real late so didn't end up going to the cinema but we watched The Other Guys at mine and chilled out :)

what have i done today?

Cut dad's hair and then martin's too....i didn't realiise the hair would stick to my tights so looked like I had furry feet :( maow.

gonna do some t-shirt doctoring if i has time later :) gosh, just love being able to wear something that i can guarantee no one else has :D *smug hipster*

why did the chicken cross the mobius strip?
to get to the same side. bazinga.

I too can borrow jokes from The Big Bang Theory :D

I suppose i've enlightened you enough today, hope your holiday is marvelous :P

Peace and love


  1. that right there is some ridiculously subtle lyric quoting....xxxxx