Saturday, 1 October 2011

Ange's Birthday :D

...and i was working...-_-'

He opened all his presents this morning before I left though :P He opened mine and kinda mumble-grumbled in that mannish way of his...'awesome'

So happy I got him something he really genuinely likes! I got him an Opeth hoodie btw...that's pretty much his favourite band. I was worried that it might be a lil too big but i know he likes baggy clothes-anyways, it's perfect and i'm so pleased!! Making someone happy and getting it right is such a great feeling. Like when i got Katie JLS condoms with Aston on the box *he's her favourite and she loves the band* so it was a joke but also thoughtful! :P
ahhh, rambling :) Such fun. Work was rather quiet today and i was ever so tired so i was drifting in and out of reality all day...i proabbaly only blinked around 3 three times today...I did a lot of that vacant-gazing lark xD
Going to Tommy's tomorrow, but not before I finish my English essay...I shall be studious and organised, i will i will i will.



Gorgeous weather, please last, I don't want to be walking to my party in the rain next week.
Summer, could i maybe give you some things for the party on friday for you to put up on saturday, it's just, i'm not sure how long i'm going to have to help set up on saturday after work and getting ready....and there's a limit on lateness before it becomes unfashionable xD I'll be there as soon as i can though and i'll make sure it's not just you setting up cuz that'd be really unfair.

ooh, Mr. Houghton *top bloke* came into the café today :) so much love for him!! it's so sweet how he always has time for everyone.

ah, i need sleep.

I want to be comfortable and stop caring.

Peace and love


  1. hey gorgeous...will do whatever you want me to that's no problem and did you just quote me ? XD xxxxxxx

  2. yes :D i love it and i love you! xxxx