Thursday, 3 December 2009

they try and try. strong words. accusations fly. he starts to shake and cough

It's so unfair that you know me better than i know myself. meanie bon beanie. hrumph.

ah, lovely monthly gift, how glad i am to have received you. -_-'

ergle. netball today in FILTHY bibs GROSS. urgh. i felt so gross. I'm so glad that i've had a shower now :)

ooop, and hooble, i've been wanting to tell you for ages but i'm in love with two songs right now, "Winter Winds" by Mumford and Sons and "Cities of the future" by Infected Mushroom. There's another song i love but i've loved this for a while...The Weight Of by Meghan Tonjes.
"I only look a bit like someone you could know, don't say a word, you make it harder, don't be absurd, it's just a game."

I gotta get going...

Peace and love

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