Monday, 21 December 2009

rage against X-factor

WHOA!!!!! Rage Against the Machine got christmas number one, ain't that just the funniest thing? now, i'm not exactly a massive fan of theirs but i rather like the song and The Climb, really?! what the hell was simon cowell thinking?! eejit. ow my hands are cold. i wish joe mcCeldrey *can't spell* luck in future stuffs but it really bugs me that x-fator's pretty much guaranteed number one. NOT THIS YEAR BIATCH! dang...really quite cold :S
tee hee hee, summat went down yesterday. happenings happened. deeds were done.

ARRGH!!! still need to go christmas shopping :( i know what i want to get i just hate going shopping when there are so many people bustling about and you get a brolly in the eye and an elbow in the cleavage...lovely. i hate people. soooooooo cold. i have fecking goose bumps!! feckle. feckity. feck. FECK.


hooooooooooooop a loooooooooooooo-ooooooooooooooooop


sheeeeeeeeeeeeevery very very cold

owowowowowowowowouch. charlie. OWWWWWW. that really hurt charlie.

aw dang.

what on earth are you on about now?
frankly i'm not all that certain myself, how's about you?
errrrrrrr, i dunno, i thought that i was going to be narrative and you be subtext....
that does make sense.
so can we do that then?
errrrrr i dunno...what do you think?
i think yeah that might work alright. why?
why what?
i don't know just checking.

I'm off to dance with fallen dust of the stars icing the moon cake in the living room's belly.
ta rah

Peace and love
ps oh the god of tommy!!! amazingphil likes howl's moving castle...i lurv. LOVE. that film :D


  1. dude...what happened after i left at Louise's? xD xxx

  2. I agree with what you said about that no 1 song! Merry Christmas and happy new year mate.

  3. You too Charlie! have a great holiday and good luck in 2010, can you believe another year's gone?

  4. Yes in London we have had a lot of snow and last night and today miserable rain. Oh well. Since I have not bought one Christmas present so far this year, I'm definitley heading for the sales this year - Harrods here I come! Thanks for you kind good wishes. Same to you. Here's a TOAST to you for 2010! Me I will have a nice cup of TEA with a drop of Jack Daniels [don't tell my kids they will kill me]hehehe ok DARLING! [Trying to be clever as usual!]
    Have a good one Kaytei matey!!!