Friday, 4 December 2009

For those of you who haven't noticed...sometimes my titles are links :)

ooooh yeah!!
ergle. our group was uber teeny today, barely anyone was in school. okay so that's exagerating but i'm a teenage girl so i'm allowed to :D a bunch of people were away on the art trip *lucky beggars* and others were at the clothes show *also very lucky* oooop and some were ill :'(

soooo, i wanna tell y'all how i did on that pesky drama essay of mine. I got a band 3 which was a C overall. Part a) got me 18/20 marks which translates as a/a* but part b) was DIRE and i got 4/20 which is a D. hrumph. not too bad for a first practicey type thingy and if i can sort myself out to work in the time limit then i'm pretty optimistic about doing the GCSEs at some point in the not too far away future.

i wore my massive jumpty *as my mama says xD* today. love it. *cue harvey's "love it" other words can describe it!*

ooop i've just eaten two slices of marmite on toast *white bread with butter so around about 250 calories* but i've been real good today and i'm at a very comfortable weight at the moment :D so comfortable that I don't mind telling you what it actually is.....8st. 7lb and 8ounces :D it's taken a while but i'm where i wanna be :D oooh yeah.

have you heard winter winds by Mumford and Sons???! 'tis soooo good; i heard it on the radio about a week ago and fell in love...:) gosh, i reeeeaaally do love that song yeeeeeeeee. it's not often that i fall in love with a song so much that i actually get excited when i hear it :S but dang does it feel good!! hooble. let the memories be good for those who've stayed.

Peace and LOVE
p.s i love you so much, you're the one i think about most of all and when i'm alone i'm not lonely cuz i know that you're thinking about me too. that WAS cheesey. tee hee.


  1. Mumford and Sons? They're a brilliant band! I presume you've heard Little Lion Man.

  2. Seriously Katherine, you guys should just hook up already. See how goes it. (yes, I meant to say them the wrong way around.)

  3. YES I watched little lion man on youtube LOVE it so much xD!!! i've asked Santa for their album for christmas :D

    but dearest miss mundooteh, i don't want to rush in and ruin something that could really be awesome if i know? :S