Friday, 11 December 2009



aw, i got a huggle from harvey today :) he's never initiated a hug to me before, has always been t'other way around so i thought that was nice.

OOOOooooooooooh you are awful...but i like ya!!

^^love it!!

ermle 'n'ergle 'n' hooble 'n' ALL THAT JAZZ

skrinking feeeeeels soooooo gooooooood :D yeeeeeeeee

I'm 8st 6lb and NO ounces xD!!! hahahahhahaha xD!!!! tee hee.
7 ounces is about half a pound so not so bad for one day.
BUT i keep eating BAD calories >:[
i'm soooo into chocolate and it's empty, not got protein or vitamins or carbs or anything useful. just fat and sugar which i get enough of from other things. hmmmmmmm. i'll work on it.
I had a massive satsuma at lunch today. ENORMOUS!!! seriously, it was the size of an actual orange. i'm so into oranges and clementines and tangerines and satsumas 'n' lovely juicey things like that :D mmmmmmmmm YUMMY.
mwahahahaha my head avaded lickiness today. MWAhahahahaha

I didn't die in drama...always a bonus and i think our group did okay but some of them were actually amazing!!!
hahahaha the GCSE PERM xD does you be remembering that mine darling, Sweet Caroline??

Eloise was in hysterics over a plastic bag....

:O i knew there was something I wanted to tell you.

In l'histoire yesterday we learnt, amongst other things, about the first male midwife and his name was William Smellie.

...i got the giggles so badly and i felt really immature; especially since NO ONE else was laughing and so i knew that I had to stop laughing which just made it worse and i sit at the front of the class which made matters yet worse....i was shaking with laughter and my eyes were welling up.


...pffff xD

poor ploddy still feelin' ill :( let's all bless him. God bless him. in fact God bless you. God bless all of you, even if you don't believe in God...a fictional God blesses you; Boggins blesses you.

I heard that on the Adam and Joes podcast from BBC radio 6 and just though it was hilarious so there you 'ave it! Boggins is a fictional dog on their show and they were discussing whether or not to have this fictional dog fictionally killed. teehee. Boggines. LOVE IT!! cue harvey's " love it" face xD

Only 20 days of 2009 left, make the most of it and start thinking up some resolutions!!

Have a good weekend :)

Peace and love


  1. Can you please stop mentioning your bloody weight? It depresses me.

    And you forgot about DANGER!!!

  2. :O DANGER!!!! how could i forget?! *face palm*
    and yeah i'll shut up about losing weight...ange keeps making jokes about it which really aren't funny :(