Wednesday, 23 December 2009

eyyyyyyyyyyoooooooooooooo eyooooooooooo

Hey there lovelies, my darling dears; sweet and wonderful as you are,
omgosh!! one more sleep until Christmas...unless you have an afternoon nap...then it'll be two sleeps BUT ANYWAY!!! I'm not sure whether or not I'll be writing in the next few days so if I don't get a chance to talk to you again before the 25th then....

oh! and have a gorgeous new year as well. a lovely fresh start to make amends to any of 2009's crap, ja?
2010's gonna be my year...10's my lucky number see. there are a couple things i ought to do and some i really want to and with a brand new 365 days to fill i think i'll be able to :) AND I have a brand new diary to write in, how cool, eh? beautiful clean, ruled pages just awaiting my scrawly script and blotchy ink. and those gosh darned, goodness forsaken profanities of mine. and of course those shallow pages of boy talk and "i love"'s and blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah 'n' all that jazz xD ah wells.
I wonder if I'll be this optimistic come the end of the year...or even halfway.
in fact, in prior warning, I shall probably be having my quarter-life breakdown at some point in 2010. I probably will shreik and shout and jump aobut like a loon. BUT things always get better, right? just look at me now. i'm happy. and about 3/4 months ago i really didn't think i would be. BUT I'M HAPPY. oh yes. I'll have an up or down or 2...or twenty...whatever but i'll be fine, mighty fine, fine and dandy by the end of it. :D
okay so i know i've insulted hmv in the past BUT they're customer service is pretty awesome in the christmas hubbub, you know? I got through a mile long queue in about a minute cuz they had all their staff on the tills, so kudos hmv.
ooooooooooooh, you know how travel's been dire cuz of the weather and subsequent road conditions and junk?? well, John Lewis opened up their department store and let stranded travellers sleep in the display beds in their show room, ain't that lovely?? isn't that christmas spirit? i thought it was sweet.
anyways, drink...until satisfied...not until intoxicated, drive carefully...before previous instruction...and erm...enjoy the holiday, ja?
errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrm, i've almost finished the first twilight book *i know i'm a feckin slow reader* 'tis alright. you can see why it's been a big commercial success in entertainment but truth be told it's not exactly a literary masterpiece...I have friends who write a million *or more* times better than Stephanie Meyer :S but yeah, it's probably worth a read to just to see what the hype is about really.
geeeeeeeeeeeeeez i'm so glad she's gone >:[
i'm in the library and some horrid girl about my age has been doing naught but swear at her baby brother and call him a "f***ing freak of nature" what an abhorrent character she was. urgh.
I was listening to the same adam and joe podcast on my iPod last night, i couldn't sleep and i couldn't find any music that i wanted to listen to so even though i've listened to it a million times before I still found them funny. i really ought to download some new ones at some point later on, what do you reckon, eh?
anyways...little off topic but just a reminder, have the merriest of christmas's and a truly wonderful new year *don't forget to say "white rabbits" three time before noon on january 1st!!!!*
Peace and love and goodwill to all men xD


  1. When did you go into HMV? If it was the 23rd, I was in there, and suffocating. It was soooooooooooo crowded I couldn't get out. Cheese. Do you always type stuff up in the Library?

  2. jaaaaaa 'twas the 23rd...prettyy crowded but the staff were good :)
    erm yeah, i type bunches up in the library. i like the atmosphere...most of the time :)and i haven't got my folks or brothers nattering at me when i'm focusing concentration elsewhere.