Thursday, 17 December 2009

I don't know.

I'm not sure about heaven and hell or reincarnation but my Mum once said something to me which I found so comforting that i really wanted to share it.
She told me that when we're buried or our ashes are scattered then we return to the Earth and plants will grow from us and animals will feed on those plants and so, in a way we'll live on forever and ever. Isn't that beautiful?
Now...anyway from the topic of death...what does everyone reckon to the snow?? There wasn't really a lot if we're honest with ourselves but there's bound to be more again soon, eh?
'twas rather pretty and refreshing but I reeeeeeeaaaaaally hope that not too much settles otherwise it'll disrupt all of the lovely plans I have for the last day of term.
OMGosh, two weeks, just two weeks until 2010, can you adam 'n' eve it??! I've started coming up with some new year's resolutions. dunno if i'll do all of them. one of the possibilities is to tell the truth all of the time but a) i think that'd be pretty hard and b) some people *death glare* would take advantage. ooople 'n' hooooooble 'n' ergle. yawn yawn yawn
I did EPICALLY bad in the math test yesterday. about halfway through i actually felt like giving up and walking out. I skipped sooo many questions. BUT life goes one, right? does for a bit anyway.
life's a bitch and then you die
so fuck the rules
and let's get high

Caroline's words...not mine xD preeeeeeetty darned funny though

45 seconds. teeee heeee. caz! You are awful...but I like ya!
OOOOOooooooooooooooh I am the blonde of the strawberry. certainly a whole lot more interesting than my usual brown. my hair's soooo boring. long and straight and brown. at least it's not brown anymore, eh? i just fancied a change and I did used to be blonde...when I was hair's about the same colour as it was when I was 6/7 kinda golden brown like pancakes. Gosh, I really could go for some pancakes right about now.

:OOOOOO!!!!! WAR HORSE WAS AMAZING. i reeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaally reeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaally liked it. The horses were massive life sized puppets and by the end, you sort of just forgot about the puppeteers and they felt real. it was fantastic. Such a lovely, uplifting story although I had no idea of the plot before i'd seen it and was convinced that it'd be tragic. maybe i'm too cinical and pessimistic. Ah wells. life goes on...for a bit anyway...
Last day of school tomorrow. doesn't feel real, it's all gone so quickly. and SO much has happened. wow. what a year.
Incase I haven't told you, each monday I quote a line from a song in my diary * i do them more often than that but for definite every monday* and i shall be posting them at some point in the next week so as you can see how my year's gone on. btw, the depressing lyrics aren't all relevant, i think they're lovely and poetic is all. I've had some ups and downs. some real downs alright but this year's been pretty darned good overall. and do you know what, that feels so good to be able to write. I'm still not sure of where I'm going or what I really wanna do but I have got the rest of my life to work that out, so what's the rush? why not just sit back and go wherever it takes me? deal with the downs *walk it off xD* and revel in the ups.
This was long but i've had five days worth of junk to write xD

Peace and love

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