Monday, 28 November 2011

What's green and has wheels?


I was lying about the wheels....mwa ha ha.

Been a while Blogisphere, i see that a rather serious debate over gender has arisen in my absence.

Well, just to stick my oar in:
I hate girls because:
1. They wear too much make up.
2. They worry too much.

I hate guys because:
1. They complain when girls don't wear make up and maintain a 'perfect' appearance.
2. They make girls worry too much.

ok...i could carry on with that, or i could complain about the fact that i have a cold....hmmmm....

what's worse is EVERYONE has one so my school is just a breeding ground for disease and eventually know it's true!....kinda...*shifty eyes*

urgh, continuation exam tomorrow :( i'm very tired of examination on the matter of continuing....hmmm. i'm pretty tired in general, no shakespearian wonderment from me today i'm afraid :s

I shall see you upon the morrow, or maybe later :P

Peace and love

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  1. XD...That joke has actually made my day! :D YOU MAVERICK!