Monday, 7 November 2011

English in a maths classroom...

like raping Shakespeare.

See, i told you it was massively innappropriate and not all that funny....still, smug face!

i put a peg on it so it doesn't go soft....*smug face*
i was talking about cereal though, i swear...i mean, just for a second, imagine the implications if i was being you can stop imagining...and for the nightmares? YOU'RE WELCOME.

sense much?


currently avoiding all h/w. not too taxing, i just can't get motivated...
today's been a pretty long day, that's all i'm saying. i know a lot of other people were in the same boat with 5 periods but i had a lunch lesson too!! granted, it only lasted say ten minutes, if that but still, i had to walk all the way to A37...effort.
adam came by after school though :D mmm, his cuddles just make the days so much better. come on, today was long and hard *!* and sometimes you just really, really need a hug.
ok, ought to start being Celie right about now....
btw, parents have reserved telly and are getting it tomorrow....yay, we're FINALLY getting a new telly!!! hd, lcd, built in freeview and 42"!!! i'm so happy! please let everything work out, don't get my hopes up then let me down. i want a new telly.
define: dildo

Peace and love


  1. An object shaped like an erect penis used for sexual stimulation.
    A stupid or ridiculous person.

  2. KAYTEI KAYTEI KAYTEI KAYTEI KAYTEI! Type 'do a barrel roll' into Google. do it now! :D