Sunday, 6 November 2011


i'm so freaking pissed. my phone is NOT working right and this is NOT fair and what is most annoying is that the nokia shop in town has closed so i don't know what the feck i'm actually going to do. this always happens. whenever i get something nice it gets wrecked. i don't know why the feck i fecking bother. why try to get a nice phone when i just fucks itself?!? this is so frustrating. i now have one day in which to fix this, do all my homework and get christmas presents. i hate how life gets in the way of living.

Peace and love


My phone's been sent away to the carphone warehouse help centre and for the fortnight's meantime in which it's being fixed, i'm using my spluttery ol' samsung -_-' frustration....

bought mum's christmas present though :P v pleased with it!
ahoy there

apologies for the abundance of vulgarity in my language...i was rather vexed earlier :s xxx

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