Wednesday, 2 November 2011

as long as you're trying, i'm staying.

think i heard that in a song a way back...i think it just means quite a lot in the way that things aren't ever really perfect in anything in this life because it isn't a perfect world, in fact it's hideously flawed but the beautiful things are worth waking up for...

not sure where i'm really going with that tbh...


they sell lil cuddly elmos in the entertainer :) not that i browse around the entertainer...or want a cuddly elmo or anything...*shifty eyes*

ah, elmo makes me smile :) spent first period busting moves around my you do....summer jackson, you secret ninja and all around awesome person, i love my CDs :D thank you xxx

rupert, you're beplaited form was a major improvement and i'm personally offended that you disagree. *wish there was an emoticon to say nya nya nya nya nya in a childish-mock....*

Peace and love

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