Monday, 7 March 2011

...I'm pregnant...




No, it's just that whenever I go to the surgery on my own, I feel as though people are looking at me and silently judging that by my age and lack of accompanying parents I must be seeing the Doc to request emergency contraception or consider an abortion or something...

Paranoid much? :P

Just had to go and ask for more acne treatment stuff *fun times*


English was crap.

Is that the first time I've ever written those words? I feel like a traitor for writing it but honestly, today's lesson was soooo shite. I was looking forward to hearing the last two remaining speeches and then doing some poetry revision *well...I wasn't looking forward to the poetry stuff but there's a lot of notes i need to make so it would have been an important lesson.*

So what did spend period 5 doing then?

Practice essay.

FECK THAT :( mine's trash. I honestly think I'd have done better had i just sneezed on the paper.

I had a headache in the lesson :( although, i probably did bring it on myself...drank very little water throughout the day :/ dang.


Did 6012m rowing in PE Hell to the YEAH!!

^^ loving this song right now...there's also a cover by Birdy that I think's pretty good :P

^^this one too!

Peace and love


  1. Argh, Practise Essays are not fun, but it was a practise one, so it really doesn't matter how you did (but you probably did better than you may think)

    6012 metres. Amazing! Makes my squash playing on these days seem rubbish by comparison (even though that is just a lot of fun). Anyway, no competition... :P


  2. Pete and Lauren soaked my essay and then I actually sneezed on it. I don't think I'll be getting any marks for presentation! :D

  3. eurgh!! you're gonna give mrs. gibbs the lurgey!! O.o