Saturday, 19 March 2011

I will never understand...

how people manage to make so much fecking mess when they're eating. Do they purposefully smear strawberry fecking jam over the table or are they really too stupid not to know any better?!?!

and WHY do parents let their kids throw food ALL OVER the floor?!?!? I doubt they let them do that at home!!!

Weather was lovely today, hope it is again tomorrow too :P

I wish the library was open on a sunday :/ i haven't been in ages:s it was always so quiet...


i could really go for a soft boiled egg and marmite soldiers right now :P

watched that on thursday night. so much love for that film. it was on film4. i don't ever remember seeing a trailer for it when it came out in 2009 :s
recommend it so strongly...i want someone to see it so that i can talk to them about it!!

Peace and love


  1. Oh, I really wanted to see that film, but I missed it! I must try and see it some time.

    I'm a bit confused, what's it actually about? All I've really seen of it is him fighting the trolley bull. I'll watch the trailer you've posted to find out, I guess, although it's that sort of film where I presume it's not meant to make loads of sense.

    Have you seen the moon? Pretty amazing.


  2. why is everyone commenting on the moon lolz it is really pretty but amusingly it's now a common conversation subject on cybespace. and nice song kaytei XD