Sunday, 13 March 2011


Her 16th was the fecking bestest ever :P That was an insane night of slight inebriation, crazy dance moves and lack of sleep :D

Always good.

Most people were drunk enough to let go but not so out of it that there's any loss of memory, nor was there chundering or unconsciousness either :D

Didn't get to sleep until after 5am...gotta love that :P

DANG DANG DANG. Can't BELIEVE I have to do work tomorrow!!! :'(

My legs actually ache a lil from all of the much fun though, for reals, i LOVE to dance :) Summer was properly awesome, i just sort of jigged about a bit :P

On an unrelated note, recently fell in love with this song:

cute, eh?

gosh, how we whipped our hair back and forth :D and of course, macerena and cha cha slide :P They are obligatory party songs.

Also....MY HUMPS. that is soooo my jam *ftr, I just love the phrase 'my jam'....thought i'd share cuz i'm generous*

So much to little time...

Cherry cherry boom boom :P gotta love that


Peace and love

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