Monday, 4 January 2010

Something Constructive xD

Yuppety Yup yup!! today was GOOD. I did something GOOD and WORTHWHILE xD
Three hourse worth of goodness, and i'm proud &hazaaaaaaaaar*
Got some homework finished off today....finally lol :) actually didn't take as long as i though it would...shouldn't really have put it off for so long but it's out of the way now. in on time. all is well. well....not all. still need to sort out martin's appointment...well I don't per se but it's on the to do list in our house and it's stypid that they want him all the way up in london when the weather's crap and he always goes to the royal surrey. i'm sure dr. obi 'n' doctor sinhar will be able to sort it out, they're cool...they wear gucci ties...which automatically makes them uber shallow i am. nosh nosh. i know that's eaating but still..nosh nosh...feels good to say :)
reeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaally wanna show peoples my latin homework...spent AGES on it and it starrs a grey blobby-bloke named Roger. great name. roger. lol.
today was goooooood and i'm seeing everyone tomorrow which is even goooooooooood-er..*ahem..better* :S

bye then, doll
Peace and love

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