Monday, 25 January 2010


My brother is a massive douche-headed-dumdum.
i like him really i'm just being petty about him writing a novel.
as soon as i get some headway and breathing space on my novel he suddenly wants to start writing one. grrrrrr.
in our family, he's the musical one and i'm into writing. that's the way it is and now he's totally trampling my rainbow. grrrrrrrr
i'm a huffed up and peed off little missus, ain't i?


  1. Then learn a musical instrument, that'll show him.

    Anyway, one of my sisters is 'the writing one' in my family, but then again she would prefer to go into journalism, so I still have the 'rainbow' as you put it, I guess.

    However, I don't think I'd ever have the patience to write a novel. Short stories, perhaps? I'd love to go into screenwriting. People always forget they exist, but to work in TV writing and then try moving into film I think would be really fun. Unless it's a flop, of course.

  2. Screenwriting sounds fun. Your sister's into journalism? Tasty. Yeah, anyway. I take it this is Andrew you're talking about? And Jamie, does your sister have a job in paperings?

  3. mmmm, i like the idea of screen writing but it's a whole load of pressure and the pay isn't always great *hence the ma-hoo-sive writers' strikes not so long ago* :S
    he's doing something really sci-fi anyhooble so it's nto likely to be too much like mine or anything...although he did earlier inform me that our writing styles are rather similar :S
    i've had my revenge though...i ate his sandwich...far too much mayonaise *yuck*

  4. hahahaha sandwich
    sounds like bum