Sunday, 17 January 2010

I'm feeling like one lone leaf, fallen from its life source, its well spring, drifting ever further towards the inevitable.

nah, not really, i'm feeling about the same as ever. I feel kinda gross and have doen for about the past month. I've been shovelling copious amounts of junk food into my mouth and i just feel disgusting; i'm tired and sluggish, thirsty and awful. my skin feels as though it doesn't fit quite right and i need to do something about it before I stop liking any part of me; like before. I'd gotten over it and through it and I began to think...she's not too bad but now it's like, who are you, what are you doing?? why are you like this it's horrible, just stop it before i stop you. i have to fix me. it's vulgar. and whilst i love the word, i'd rather not describe myself so. becauise i know i don't have to be this way, it's my own darned choosing so stop complaining.

I watched a great film last night; it's called the cell and it was a psychological thriller about the mind of a serial killer. It was brilliantly made but possibly one of the single most disturbing things i've ever seen. It had jennfier lopez and vince vaugn in. they're both pretty UNserious actors so i was suprised at the casting director's choice but i think it actually worked quite well; they gave believable performances so kudos 'n' all that jazz. BUT i had to listen to mt iPod all night; afraid that if i stopped thinking about scott mills then my mind would float back to The Cell.

Peace and love

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