Tuesday, 26 January 2010


Did I scare you? xD

Anyhooble 'n' all that jazz, this is a post to thank the mattyiful matty matt for subscirbing to join us in dining in the realm of Tea and Toast :D
17 followers....very proud o' meeeselfy on that one.
errrrrrrrm...so what was good aobut today....erm...it DIDN'T rain :O *smacked gob and ghast flabbered all over again oo-er*

:O caroline's being admired from afar...secret like...but not so secret no more? actually...everyone knew before he admitted it...it's odd how secrets always reveal themselves like that, ain't it?

UUUUUUUUUUUUUURRGH bradford business something or other tomorrow. oh joy. oh rapture. i. can. not. wait. *ma-hoo-sive eye roll* we have to dress "smart"??!! jeans and tea shirt for me, tah

It's so very pecualir, i'm actually really liking chemistry atm and i'm learning a lot...the stuff's going into my head and sticking like :P and i was looking forward to having the teacher that i have because i once had her as a sub in year seven but she's actually real nice...i guess everyone has their offdays, though, eh?

My head really hurts.
Peace and love

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