Saturday, 2 January 2010

Hey there!!

It's been...two Two whole days!!! would you adam 'n' eve it?!

sooooooo....Town was rather good today :D We had a big ol' group o' peoples and the weather wasn't bad at all...lil chilly but it's winter in britain and there wasn't any rain so i'm not complaining. yeeeeeeeeee.
Right...there was me *way to go state the obvious there kate!* and Summer * Whose house i'm at right now :D*, Hattie, Caroline, Louise, Jacob, Adam, Steve, Tommy and Simon. Gosh. I think that's everyone but if I've gone and forgotten anyone, I'm reeaaaaaaaaaally sorry, love you really :) I just sorta touched on there, I'm with SUMMER! xD jaaaaaaaaa! We've walked her doggie and just had dinner which was a fondue thingy which i've never done before so that was pretty darned cool actually :) jaaaaaaaa and now i'm here :) we're gonna watch chessey christmas movies late ron and gi9rlie pampering type stuffs laters but as for the moment, vegetating with our freshly developed food babies is cool :) *Food baby is when you've had a big meal and your tummy goes kinda sticky outy* Fooooooooooooooood Baaaaaaaaaaaaaby xD

I'm off now, sorry to drag your evening out like this but I shall have to be a-loving and a-leaving you right about now-ish a-doodle 'n' all that is jazziful.

I think i'll go with that cuz it's quite good.
but i'm gonna have to alter it cuz i've just had a good idea.
The control freak of the school (who is not a teacher) is whining at is to, "please go in". *eye roll*

oooh that's better. walls don't give much
i said "wall's don't give much"

*natter on about tim michin*
I know loads of random musicians who perform bare-foot...never really understood why. I spent most of yesterday pinning up art work in here because it looked so bare.

*random dream talk*
*random talk about houses*

I'm actually off this more scribing for me and summer xD

Peace and love

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