Tuesday, 23 February 2010

my daddy dreamed a dream

he dreamed that a teeny grey cat walked up to him all cute 'n' cuddley and dad gave him a stroke. as the cat walked away it looked up at him and said, "i just stood in poo."
odd dream.
i had a dream about a cat the other night...i can't remember much. He was tiny and ginger and left to me by an elderly relative when she passed away...anyhooble...I cuddled this cat a lot and his name was Apple Pie. mmmmmmmm. pie.

ergle. i did real bad in my chemistry practice paper today and i only have eight days to get it together.
some random lesbian asked me to webcam with her on MSN. i deleted her. i didn't mean to accept her in the first place since she's RANDOM as in I DON'T KNOW WHO SHE IS. hate it when that happens.
shucka shucka feel good.
ooooh, what was i going to say?? :S
oooh yes!
SO in the past two months i've gained 9lb and on saturday night i weighed 9stone *eeeek* so since then I've been cutting out snackage and exercising a tidbit and all that jazz I'm now weighing 8st 11lb and 2oz. i like imperial measures. i haven't got a clue what that is in kg. I think i'm about 55 or something :S i dunno.
blahablahblahblah. I'm thinking I quite like my hair now. It's not quite as dark as it was when I first dyed *?* it. really light and really dark hair makes my skin look oddly ill and so mid-brown works bets on me :)
I have to go and do stuff soon. practice papers. wash my hair. that kind of junk. and change out of these fecking clothes. I look really bleurgh! my hair all messy 'n' trackies on and jumper around me. bleurgh.
Peaceful Loving or hot sweaty passion xD


  1. I'm worried that when I read the word 'shuckashuckafeelgood' the song instantly went into my head.

  2. *yay* 'twas my intention all along :D