Tuesday, 9 February 2010


'n' stuffle. It's certainly been an eventful month thusfar but I can't help but look forward to it being over and being past the dreaded valentines day...feckin' 'ell 'n' all that. I really wan to get out of this flaming country before I lose my head to naively selfish bastards who think that it's all well and good to twist your beliefs into submission of their own true righteousness.

^^that's what my mum just called me. see, madness is inherent...or something like that.
I was toying with the notion of telling the TRUTH THE WHOLE TRUTH AND NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH all of the time and now i think that i really might give it a real go...or not...do you honestly care?

I can't breathe. so take me to the cleaners?

I fixed my bikini, the top was too loose around me so I snipped at the part before the clasp, tugged it through further and then sewed it up again, now it fits rather well. so i have the shoes, i have the bikini and i have an okay-ness with water that means that swimming in the river during the summer holiday is more obtainable than last year but...i still need the body. i've ballooned *honestly, my tummy looks like a ballon irght now* since christmas but this means I have a good five months or so before the summer...i think.

I'm really not where I want to be right now but when I try to think about the future in any real depth it's dark and blurry and i find myself running to the hills. RUN TO THE HILLS. RUN FOR YOUR LIVES.
three more days to endure before half term.

i wish i could lie in a silent field in the middle of nowhere and scream until the tension disapears.

i wish that dreams weren't so fleeting.

Peace and love

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