Saturday, 20 February 2010

I've never seen chocolate this coluor before!

It's sort of a reddish black as opposed to the brown i was hoping for but i think i kind of like it :S all i know for certain right now is that i can't be bothered to dye my hair again so this is it now, like it or lump it :S
:O stacey killed archie!! and bradley died when he was evading the police. he feel off of the roof. he'd only just married stacey. awwwwwwww. well, i'm not gonna watching eastenders again for a while. the acting isn't all that great. i appreciate that it was live but the one playing jack really fluffed his lines :S
i has long pink socks and long stripey white black and pink socks :D
i LOVE socks xD!!

I need to research skeptics' views on climate change now so see you when i see you.

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