Thursday, 11 February 2010

3 days until chaos collides with miscomprehension

Valentine's day.
ah feck.
it's so commercialised and sell-out-y and an upturn in sales of flowers, chocolates and useless items of anything and everything as loing as they're addorned with pink and red and hearts and roses and cute little cartoons of fluffy creatures giving their hearts to one another.

"is god godzilla?"
i swear that's the cutest thing i've ever heard. aw bless :)
i cannotbelieveiwentandforgotaboutitbutnowitismarkedinmydiaryforeverandevereverever xD
sha sha
zzub zzub
confusion lies at the end of a lane entitled, "self satisfaction" and as you approach, you can just decipher the outline of a mirage of yourself being happy but then you turn the corner and you find the beginning of a whole new road and you've got to repack and begin all over again.

Peace and love, doll

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