Sunday, 29 November 2009

towntowntowntowntowntowntowntowntown...what was that agin? Town you say?!...goodness...

I'm off to have tea now just but I had to say that today was a lovely escape from the monotony of this delightful British weather of ours...sorry i can't stop writing in bold :S
anyways, cottage pie.

Pie and love

Peace and love


  1. I know a way you can stop that.

    You write the first letter, which will be stuck in bold or italic or whatever, then press Control and B or I or whatever. Then you can type normally, and go back and delete the failed letter later.

    I hope that makes at least a bit of sense.

  2. yay! cheers jamie :D i'm so into saying "cheers" rather than thanks right now...i don't know why...:S