Saturday, 21 November 2009

I've just painted my nails...

thought i'd share that with you cuz i'm generous like that xD
it's a colour called Summer Sands which is a nice contrast to Winter Woes which have recently set in :S although mum said that it looks like autumn leaves as well... hmmmmmmmm


i reckon that i shall now depart and stuff

oooooooh before i go!! i've finished Second chance by jane green and if anyone wants to borrow it i'm happy to lend it but you'll hav eot be careful cuz i'm borrowing it from my lovely grandma :) it's a fantastic book and i can't believe i'd never heard of the author tbh.

i'm off tarah!!

Peace and love
p.s things honestly do get better. thank you.
p.p.s pleeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaase read the next part of my story on my other blog!!!

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